Coven of the Crystal Hills

Welcome to the home page of the Coven of the Crystal Hills. We are a British Traditional Witchcraft coven located in central New Hampshire. Our background includes Alexandrian, Gardnerian, Traditional and Hereditary Craft. We celebrate the Wheel of the Year, worshiping the God and the Goddess and practice magic for healing and growth.

From time to time we accept new seekers who are open to learning witches' etiquette and how to work within a circle of British Traditional Witchcraft. We do require that you be at least 18 years of age, have a serious interest in Wicca/Witchcraft and are able to commit to attendance at our open court rituals, which are held around the New Moons and the eight Sabbats. Our Inner Court rituals for initiates are held around the Full Moon. Our High Priestess, Cathain runs the coven in the traditional manner.

If you are sincerely seeking Traditional Wicca please contact us at Coven Of The Crystal Hills telling us a little about yourself and we can arrange to meet at a neutral location.

Blessed Be.

Cathain, HPs
Fionn, HP